Support Us

We need your support

Jamiyah Nursing Home is very privileged to receive donations in forms of monetary and kinds from many organisations and individuals. The Home is very humbled by these donations. The following are some of the organisations, though we wish to name all of them:

a) Lee Foundation
b) Singapore Buddhist Lodge
c) Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple
d) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
e) Siemens

You too may show your support to the sick and needy by donating through any of the following methods:

a) Dry Food Ration like rice, sugar, milk etc
b) Donations in kinds, like equipments (Commode, beds, wheel chairs etc)
c) Monetary: For Cash/Nets (Kindly visit Jamiyah Nursing Home)

For cheques, please cross your cheques to “Jamiyah Nursing Home”.

For more information, you wish to visit us at 130 West Drive or call us at Tel/Fax 67768575/67768576 or email to

We thank you.