Senior Care Centre

Jamiyah Senior Care Centre is an integrated day care programme that features a variety of eldercare services to enhance their overall social, mental and physical well-being. It offers maintenance day care, rehabilitation services, dementia day care and centre-based nursing.

  • Accommodates up to 60 external clients
  • Social activities, games and outing
  • Counselling
  • Lunch and tea breaks

Dementia Ward

Holding a capacity of 29 beds, the Dementia Ward is able to house patients of various dementia severity – mild, moderate and severe. Patients are provided the highest quality care from our dedicated healthcare professionals to ensure their wellbeing are taken care of.

Integrated-Home & Day Care

This comprehensive programme is an outreach for patients both at home and at Jamiyah Senior Care Centre. Offered as a package, the Integrated Home & Day Care programme was launched in 2016. It embraces all aspect of wellness of the elderly patient, with services that include:

  • Home Nursing
  • Centre-based engagement programmes
  • Meal delivery services

Community Befrienders’ Programme (CBP)

With support from Ministry of Health’s Successful Ageing Office, Jamiyah Nursing Home initiated the Community Befrienders’ Programme to ensure our elderly are never alone. Through this initiative, home care patients and socially isolated elderly receive company from members of the community, comprising of compassionate volunteers.

How the programme works:

  • Twice a month visit from befriender; 30 minutes to an hour
  • Befrienders provide feedback to Jamiyah Nursing Home
  • JNH takes the necessary actions, if needed

*This programme is currently offered only to elderly within the West Coast and Ayer Rajah proximity


  • Center-Based Nursing Care
  • Health Rehabilitation Services
  • Volunteer Services
  • Residential Dementia Care
  • Respite Care
  • Health Training and Education